PROFESSIONAL quality Mounting

Dry mounting is the process whereby a photograph, graphic poster, fabric panel or other artwork is bonded to a board using an adhesive heat activated tissue giving a smooth, crisp finish. The maximum size we can handle in the worshop is 90 x 120 cms

Neither Foamboard nor museum board are suitable for unframed presentation. Proceed with caution if mounting Glossy Photography as the fine surface with the slight ripple will show. See Suitability chart below.For a more rigid substrate we use Foamex PVC board, it is super smooth and small sizes may be suitable for unframed presentation.

Aluminium composite board is made up of layers of aluimium and foam, it is light, rigid and super smooth, suitable for mounting straight to a wall and for floating off wall. Wooden sub frames can be supplied for the smaller scales and an aluminium sub frame supplied for the large items.

Sub Frames for floating off wall.

Aluminium Sub frames for floating off a wall cut finished and supplied at £8.50 per foot used, these sub frames are generally fitted away from the edge in the interior of the back, so as to be invisible from the front.

Suitability Chart.