3/4" Swept Frame - Carved
Swept Frame - Carved


3/4" Carved, fluted classic swept frame. The profile is decorated in the corners with leaves and shell motif. The decoration is repeated in the centre of length to give the fluted swept look. These Frames come in 4 sizes and in 3 finishes. The Gesso finish is a super smooth Gesso, ready to gild or leave for a bright white. The Gold is a slightly mottled gold over a darker underleaf. The Ivory Pale Gold is a gold wash over an Ivory base.

Rebate depth 24mm to suit standard bar canvases.

Supplied frame only no glazing.

Code: CAR

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To order 3/4" Swept Frame - Carved : Code - Colour - Size - Quantity

  • CAR - IVO - 10x12 - 1 To order a carved Pale Gold Ivory 10" x 12"

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