1 3/4" Swept Frame - Morland

Swept Frame - Morland


The Moland swept profile is a straight edged, elegant canvas or panel frame. The corners are decorated with a fleur & leaf motif and the inside sight edge is beaded. The sides are scooped and the finishes are darker in the recesses. These Frames come in 4 sizes and in 3 finishes. The Gesso finish is a super smooth Gesso, ready to gild or leave for a bright white. The Gold is a slightly mottled gold over a darker underleaf. The Ivory Pale Gold is a gold wash over an Ivory base.

Rebate depth 24mm to suit standard bar canvases.

Supplied frame only no glazing.

Code: MOR

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To order 1 3/4" Swept Frame - Morland: Code - Colour - Size - Quantity

  • MOR -GOLD 8x10 x 1 To order Morland in Gold 8" x 10" x 1

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